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Classic Car Club

Enthusiast Car Clubs

This is a list of all Vintage, Veteran, Classic, Muscle and Enthusiast Car Clubs in Australia listed by state.

Car Parts Suppliers

Car Parts/Service Suppliers

This is a list of Specialist Automotive Parts Suppliers and Specialist Services including Classic Car Restorers.

New Car News and Reviews

New Car News and Reviews

Find all of our Aussie New Car Releases and Car Reviews going back to 2005 ! There’s also reviews of car shows.

Welcome to the Aussie Motoring Website

You’ll find information and links for every Aussie motoring enthusiast

Here you’ll find links to a list of Vintage, Veteran, Classic and Muscle Car Clubs around Australia sorted by state

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You’ll also find a list of automotive spares and parts suppliers as well as vehicle workshops and specialist restorers

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To round out, you’ll find new car release notes and reviews going back to 2005. We’ve also included reviews and pictures of the numerous local car shows we’ve attended over the years.

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Classic Muscle Car

Aussie Motoring Book Shop

We are passionate about our cars and as such, we’ve compiled a list of great books on our classic cars. Please find them plus more in our Aussie Motoring Book Shop.

What are Vintage, Veteran, Classic and Muscle Cars and what’s a Hot Rod?

This can be a little confusing as the definitions change depending on the part of the world you live in. Here are the definitions we at Aussie Motoring run with:

TypeAussie Motoring Definition
VeteranCars prior to 1919 (generally before the First World War)
VintageCars from the period 1919 to 1930
ClassicA car typically older that 20 years that has significant historical interest to be a collectable and worth restoring
MuscleAn American (or American inspired/derived) high performance car; can be from any time period including current cars
Hot-RodTypically old, classic or vintage American cars with large engines modified for linear speed
mustang muscle car

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