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Aussie Motoring History

Muscle CarsAussie Motoring was created in 2005 by Stuart about the same time as Car Advice (caradvice.com.au). 

It started in the same vein as Car Advice but tested more the “affordable” and lower spec cars that more of us would (and could) buy and drive plus the odd “off-centre” car.

The outcome of this is that with such a long history of such motoring articles and reviews, there’s a great list of cars that were tested and reviewed that we would now consider for our teenage children or even for ourselves as a second car. 

Enthusiast Car Clubs

To scratch an itch, Stuart introduced Motor Enthusiast Car Club list and links (Vintage Car Clubs, Veteran Car Clubs, Classic Car Clubs and even Muscle Car Clubs). This also gave these car clubs a bit of a focus for contacting other clubs and attracting new members. This has been most popular.

Classic Car Parts and Garages

In parallel with this, there seemed to be a need to also include car parts suppliers, car servicing garages and of course, those suppliers and restorers that specialise in Vintage, Veteran, Classic and Muscle cars. This too has become popular.

Aussie Motoring People

Lately, Martin took over the website with Stuart still taking an interest in the website and contributing to reviews and other general Car Enthusiast activities. Martin and Stuart still catch up in person monthly to share stories and the latest car shows they’d been to (or cars they’d seen on the street).

classic muscle car

Aussie Motoring: the future

Both Martin and Stuart are now in the process of renovating the website to make it easier to find Car Clubs, Parts Suppliers, Car Garages and Rebuilders and to also keep the new car releases coming. We are also encouraging car enthusiasts to write reviews on their cars (complete with photos) and sending them in. We can help with writing them up. This is a little farther down the track though. We won’t be acting as a sales conduit as there are other more appropriate channels for this. However, there’s nothing wrong with including this in with your ride review.

If you have any suggestions, please offer them forward via our Contact Us page.

Happy Motoring !

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