8 Foolproof Ways To Secure Your Trailer and Prevent Theft

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Are you afraid of someone stealing your trailer? Here are 8 foolproof ways to secure your trailer

Do you make sure that your trailer is always secure wherever you go? Maybe you leave your trailer attached to your car, thinking that it will be secure enough. With trailer theft on the rise, thieves are finding new ways to get through your security. While having it attached to a car helps, we have compiled a list of strategies you can combine to prevent theft.

The best way to secure your trailer is to combine several strategies, such as using a trailer hitch lock, a wheel clamp and making sure that it is parked in a secure place. You can also personalize your trailer, as it would be easier for the police to identify it.

If you are eager to learn more about other foolproof ways to secure your trailer and prevent theft, keep on reading!

8 Simple Ways To Secure Your Trailer

You can combine several security measures to decrease the chance of your trailer disappearing. It will discourage people from even attempting to steal the trailer. Besides, the thieves will take more time to break through the locks, which can help you catch them before they leave. 

1.   Get Yourself A Trailer Hitch Lock

A trailer hitch lock has one function. It is to stop anyone from raising the hitch handle and inserting the tow ball in your trailer hitch head. The hitch lock also has a heavy metal shroud to cover the handle. This metal shroud is then locked in place with security locks.

The trailer hitch locks come in handy when your trailer is most susceptible when it is not linked to your car. They are easy to find and set up. However, you shouldn’t just go out and purchase the first lock that you come across. Make sure it is cut, break and pick-resistant—professional thieves often bring lock picks and power equipment.

Trailer Hitch Lock

2.   Get A Trailer Hitch Pin Lock

Unlike the hitch lock, the hitch pin lock has a pin design. It is made to fit into your towing vehicle receiver. You need to slide the hitch pin lock in the designated hole of your trailer hitch when it is locked in place. Then, place the pin part between your trailer tongue and receiver. In most hitch pin locks, there is a rubber cap at the end of the lock that camouflages the keyhole. Use the key provided to unlock or lock the pin.

Even though it’s usually safer to have your trailer tied up to your car, someone may easily remove your trailer’s securing pin and attach it to their own vehicle if you leave your trailer and car unattended. That’s why you need to get a reliable hitch pin lock to increase your security.

3.   Use a Wheel Clamp

Wheel clamps are attached to the wheels of your trailer and prevent the wheels from rotating at all. They function similarly to the impound vehicle boots used by the police. However, ?note that deterrence is the major objective here.

So, it’s better to use a highly visible, brightly colored one. It will not only prevent theft of your trailer, but it will also deter anybody from ever trying to approach your transporter.

4.   Lock It Up

If having a specialized lock is difficult to find for you, you can simply chain your trailer with a pole or your towing vehicle. Chaining up your trailer, whether it be for a boat, freight, or horse trailer, may successfully deter theft.

You can also use a steel frame along with the pole to chain up your trailer. The chain and padlocks that you will use need to be big and strong enough to ensure that thieves cannot easily cut the chain with a bolt cutter.

5.   Choosing The Right Place To Park Is Critical

Choosing the right place to park is another best way to secure your trailer from theft. It’s possible to protect your trailer against theft by following a few simple precautions, regardless of where you park it. Here are a few points to take into consideration when parking your trailer:

  • Always park in an area that is well-lit, for example under a streetlight.
  • Park your trailer in a supervised area, if there are any public or private cameras around.
  • If there aren’t many alternatives available to you in a crowded parking lot, it’s worthwhile to search elsewhere for a secure location to leave your trailer.

You may also use your tow vehicle to obstruct your trailer ?to frustrate burglars. If you can park your trailer against a tree line or a structure, it will be harder for another vehicle to tow it away.

You don’t want to leave your trailer alone on the street or in a driveway, since this gives criminals a chance to strike. Whenever you must park your vehicle, do it in a safe, secured location, such as a garage or shed.

To further obscure it from view, you can cover it up. A professional storage facility will take good care of your trailer if you have the money to keep it there. You should also keep your trailer close by at all times if you’re genuinely concerned about robbers. Your trailer should be always attached to your car, ensure that it is in a well-lit area, and is never left alone.

6.   Add Custom Markings And Trailer Decals

You can also personalize your trailer with special decals or custom markings. Having custom markings gives you three major benefits:

  • Gives your trailer a unique flair
  • A chance for you to showcase your individuality
  • Easier for the police to identify your trailer if ever it has been stolen

However, customizing your trailer doesn’t have to be terrifying. Start painting with your preferred school’s colors, football shirt, or emblem. Whatever you decide, just make sure it sticks out. You may also add reflectors to make it sparkle in headlights.

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If ever they decide to remove your trailer?, they will definitely attempt to repaint it immediately. As soon as possible, report it stolen so that law authorities may apprehend the thieves before they ?do so.

7.   Use GPS Trackers or an Alarm System

GPS monitoring gadgets are more of an insurance policy than a deterrent. If someone steals your trailer and vehicle, placing one or two of these in well-concealed spots will allow you to notify authorities where the thieves are keeping it.

Another way you can secure your trailer from theft is to install an alarm system. Your trailer may be equipped with a wireless, vibration-activated alarm that will notify you if someone attempts to tamper with it.

8.   Take Pictures

Maintain up-to-date photographic records of your trailer and any equipment that is kept within. Although it won’t stop theft, this practice will make it much simpler to report a crime, submit an insurance claim, and/or get your stolen stuff back.


Caution is The Best Prevention

Now that you know what to do to secure your trailer, we hope ?you implement all of them to ensure that it will be safe and sound. Remember to always be aware of your environment and assess the area before leaving your trailer behind. It is better to be overly cautious than losing your expensive trailer!

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8 Foolproof Ways To Secure Your Trailer and Prevent Theft
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