Kia Ray EV

Now what would happen here in Australia if Kia suddenly announced that it was about to start selling electric vehicles here? Would there be a rush to buy them? Probably not because we’re still seriously lacking in the infrastructure needed to support a move to electric vehicles. Sure anyone can get whatever they might need […]

Kia GT

Let’s face it … when it comes to sports cars the Korean manufacturers don’t have a whole lot to brag about and we don’t have a whole lot to get excited about. The Hyundai Tiburon? Hmmm … a bit of a yawn. The Kia Koup? Looks good but it’s not exactly an adrenalin machine once […]

Another Small Car From Kia

This is not a replacement for an existing vehicle Kia Motors Corporation has confirmed that its all-new production model, the Kia Soul, will be marketed globally with a choice of three highly efficient engines (depending on individual markets), when it goes on sale in early 2009. The most powerful engine will be a 2-litre gasoline […]

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