Ford Zephyr

1954 Ford Zephyr

In case you don’t recognise the name or the image let me introduce you to the 1954 Ford Zephyr Mk1 sedan. The Ford Zephyr was an English car manufactured between 1951 and 1955. The engine for this car was a specially designed 6 cylinder overhead valve engine with a capacity of 2262cc.

In 1954 Ford introduced an upmarket version of the Zephyr known as the Zodiac and the car shown in the photo is thought to be one of those luxury vehicles. Of course, luxury was a relative term back in 1954 and by today’s standards the Zodiac would be considered somewhat spartan.

The Zodiac specifications included:

    • Two-tone paint

White-wall tyres

Twin auxiliary lamps and gold plated badges (which seem to be missing from the car in the photo)

Leather upholstery



Arm rests and a


The Zephyr also came as a station wagon.

The Zephyrs were quite popular here in Australia where they competed directly with the FJ Holden.

Few Zephyrs remain on Australian roads today and the example in the photograph was taken at a small vintage and veteran car display in Hervey Bay Qld in 2005.

Ford Zephyr

9 thoughts on “Ford Zephyr

  1. G’day Tim, thanks for stopping by. I don’t know what that Zephyr would be worth now and I haven’t seen it around town since I took that photo back in 2005.

    I’ll make some enquiries around town though and let you know.


  2. Depending on the condition of the car, anywhere between $2000.-$9000. for a Zephyr Six, and yes they are becoming rarer. G’day, I own a 1957 mk II Zephyr, blue in color with red & whit interior and built at Homebush Sydney. Some of the extras I have collected over the years for my car a twin cast-iron exhausts and twin & triple carby manifolds. My father owned a mk.I Zephyr in the late 50’s early 60’s. A car I’ll never forget, the sound, the smell. the car was cream over dark green with two tone interior. The paint was new.

  3. My grandfather had a new zepher six back in 1955 in Kingston Jamaica.
    loved the sound of it. It was grey with tan interior, no radio, on heater.

  4. My grandfather had a new zepher six back in 1955 in Kingston Jamaica.
    loved the sound of it. It was grey with tan interior, no radio, no heater.

  5. the zephyr shown is my dads car and is still in Hervey Bay and driven regularly. he also has a mk11 automatic zephyr in really good nick on full rego and drives like a dream as does the mk1 above, and yes all leather interior.

  6. My father bought a Mk1 new in 1954 had it for 9 years. Remember it used to break axle half shafts and one time some pushrods popped out after a hard flogging when he lent it to my cousin Roger. Traded in for `63 XM Falcon Squire Wagon

  7. Gidday Joe,

    The zephyr club is off to Hervey Bay in July, is your father a member of the club? Maybe I could make contact with him and arrange to catch up and view his cars?


  8. Hello Simon

    If you’re from the Zephyr club could you let me know what dates the club is going to be here in Hervey Bay. We’d love to come down with our cameras and grab some photos.


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