The Nissan Tiida

When Nissan released the Tiida I had a feeling I had seen that car somewhere before. It was just one of those niggling little thoughts in the back of my mind made even more annoying because the claim from Nissan was that this was an all new design.

Well now I know why I had that feeling. Nissan in the US is quite open about the fact that the Nissan Versa (that’s what the Tiida is called in the US) is actually based on this car:

Nissan Tiida/Renault Megane

the Renault Megane.

That doesn’t mean that the Tiida is not a good car – in fact it just goes to enhance the quality of the car because Renault have been building great cars for many years.


The Nissan Tiida

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  1. i agree with you .its very much like the megan but not the same. renaults is better version

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