Kee – the New Kia Concept Car

Kia has been toying with motoring enthusiasts for a couple of months now by releasing vague photos of their new concept car. Today, at the Frankfurt Motor Show they pulled back the veil and now we can see what Kia has been hiding.

Kia Kee concept car

With its broad stance and low profile, Kee is a new interpretation of the 2+2 coupe, with a simple yet distinctive outline thanks to its long sweeping bonnet, slightly lengthened cabin with striking graphic treatment, sculpted flanks and strong lines.

Kee lays down very clear indications of how future Kia vehicles should look and displays elements that its creators will transfer to future Kia products. Presented as part of the strong frontal design with its distinctive headlamps and eye-catching LED cluster, the new style grille will become the new face of Kia across our product range.

Kia Kee concept car rear

Inside, Kee looks and feels like a true sports car. The cabin is designed for maximum focus on driving. Clustered directly ahead of the driver, the main dials and controls are simple and straightforward, utilising Kia’s new standard red-orange illumination.

Behind the square-bottomed steering wheel are paddles to shift the six-speed semi-automatic sequential gearbox. Instead of a standard gear stick an ergonomically designed lever sits atop the milled aluminium centre console and requires only a nudge forward or backward to select the desired drive mode. And the top of the computer mouse-like lever flips up to reveal the electronic starter button.

Kia Kee concept car dash

All the main interior surfaces are covered in semi-suede microfibre materials and the body-hugging sports seats use a hard-wearing but distinctive metallic-finish silver cloth. And continuing the real-life functionality of Kee, the rear of the 2+2 cabin is sufficiently spacious to allow two adult passengers to travel on individual seats in the back of the vehicle whenever necessary.

The design team has concentrated on producing a realistic sports coupe. Every element of its design is clear, easy to understand and to use. All the main controls are fly-by wire, but their feel in operation has been created to deliver a sense of traditional operation. For example, the toggle switches mounted on the dashboard echoing the DNA of generations of sports cars let you navigate intuitively through the interface menu of the info-media center.

Kia Kee concept car interior

Kia Kee – Technical Specifications

Length 4325 mm

Width 1860 mm

Height 1315 mm

Wheelbase 2675 mm

Tyre size 245/40 R20

Engine V6 2.7-litre MUE-II

Maximum Power 200 ps

Transmission Six-speed automatic

Kee – the New Kia Concept Car
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