A Different VW Kombi Van

A trip to our favorite mechanic is always a bit of an adventure … I mean, how many mechanics actually run and hide when they see a customer drive their car into the yard? 🙂

It can also be interesting because you never quite know what you’re going to see Ian working on next. About this time last year he had a very early model VW Cabriolet that he was fitting a brand-new genuine VW motor too. This time he had this in for some work.

VW Kombi van

Perhaps there’s some charity motoring event on around town soon.

A Different VW Kombi Van

6 thoughts on “A Different VW Kombi Van

  1. That’s certainly an interesting story at the other end of your link Chris. Sadly I don’t think that we’ll ever see those Brazillian versions here in Australia.

  2. this kombi is in noosa, Qld, Australia and it dose the Variety Bash every year raising funds for special needs kids…

  3. Thanks for that tip Karen.

    I haven’t seen that Kombi since the day I took the photo of it here in Hervey Bay and I was wondering what had happened to it.

    While I’m often on the highway between here and Brisbane I think I’ve only turned off into Noosa once … all those tourists tend to put me off 🙂

  4. the variety bash this year starts in hervey bay 18th aug, so look out for it, u will see that and lots of other variety cars.

  5. many thanks for that karen, Ian has been on a few of the Variety Bashes as our moblie work shop, we are hopping that he will be back for the next one that starts in the bay!!!

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