A Major Recall by Nissan

The Nissan Motor Company is about to issue recall notices for 204,361 vehicles in the United States.

The recall is to check for a fault in the passenger side airbag that could occure in a range of models built between March 12, 2007 and May 27, 2008. Nissan suspects that the number of vehicles that are actually carrying the fault coul be as low as 2000.

The part causing the problem is manufactured by a 3rd party and the part is unique to Nissan.

Recalls are never popular with anyone. Owners are inconvenienced and left with a negative impression of the vehicle and the company. Dealers are left to handle unhappy customers and carry out the repairs or inspections that they’re not always fully reimbursed for and the company is left with a huge bill and a potential public relations disaster on its hands.


A Major Recall by Nissan
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