A Closer Look at the BMW X6

Back at the beginning of December we took a look at the BMW X6 M that had just arrived in Australia and if you follow that link you’ll be able to see that piece.

The Top Gear crew have also done a review of the BMW X6 and it’s worth watching because … well every review is personal or should be. It’s what the reviewer feels about vehicle and Jeremy Clarkson obviously didn’t like the BMW X6 … but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the X6 is a dud.

It may just mean that Clarkson was looking at the vehicle from the wrong perspective. After all you wouldn’t really expect something like a Hyundai Tucson City to perform well off-road because, even though it may look like an off-road vehicle, it wasn’t really designed with that in mind … and nor was the X6.

Clarkson has valid points but are all of them really applicable to the BMW X6?


A Closer Look at the BMW X6
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