Chevrolet New Sail – a Chinese Chevrolet

general-motors-new-sailWhat’s GM doing in China?

GM is taking on the Chinese car makers in their own market with a locally produced car that will be exported to other parts of the world and they’re doing it with the Chevrolet brand.

The Chevrolet New Sail sedan is the first passenger car created in China by a Sino-foreign joint venture. The new small car was developed by Shanghai GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC), both GM-SAIC joint ventures.

Shanghai GM offers five variants of the New Sail with the base model priced around RMB 60,000 (US$8,800). This marks a breakthrough in the under-RMB 70,000 (US$10,300) small car segment, where Chinese brands have traditionally been dominant.


“Our mission has always been to enable more individuals and families to realize their dream of owning a car,” said Kevin Wale, President and Managing Director of the GM China Group. “With the New Sail, we are setting a new standard for the lower-end small car segment while fully living up to the global standards of Chevrolet, one of the world’s leading vehicle brands. The fact that the New Sail will be exported is a testament to the capabilities of our product development organization in China.”

Class-Leading, Fuel-Efficient Powertrains
The New Sail is available with a choice of class-leading 1.2-liter S-TEC II and 1.4-liter S-TEC III engines. The 1.2-liter engine achieves best in class fuel economy under comprehensive road conditions of 5.7L/100 km and it generates power of 53.1 kW. That’s enough gruntto power the New Sail from 0 to 100 km/h in 12.9 seconds. The 1.4-liter engine cuts a full second off that time and has fuel economy under 5.9L/100 km.


The engines incorporate the Variable Geometry Intake System (VGIS), which provides smooth power delivery and torque across all engine speeds. Lightweight materials are used in the engine, transmission and body, further increasing fuel efficiency.

The optimized friction coefficient in the transmission and tire rolling coefficient reduce energy loss caused by mechanical operation. In line with Shanghai GM’s Drive to Green strategy, both engines meet China’s Phase IV emission standard (as well as the Euro IV standard) and can be upgraded to meet China’s Phase V emission standard.

The Chevrolet New Sail comes with a five-speed manual transmission.


Stylish Exterior, Spacious Interior
The New Sail features Chevrolet’s trademark horizontal split grille with the gold Chevrolet emblem showcased in the middle. Three muscular sidelines provide the car a three-dimensional look. A unique short-in-front, long-in-back suspension brings a sporty edge to the exterior. The streamlined shape of the vehicle adds a dynamic styling element while reducing drag, for lower fuel consumption.

The New Sail is initially available in six exterior colors: Crescent Silver, Jasmine White, Sky Blue, Coral Red, Amber Orange and Starfish Blue.

The interior is likewise unique and all Chevrolet. It includes the brand’s twin-cockpit design as well as a flexible, modern central control panel equipped with a radio, CD player and MP3 interface. Designers have added a sporty touch through a double-digital screen and chrome plating.


The New Sail’s adoption of a central fuel tank, a short front and rear suspension, and arch-shaped doors maximizes interior space for up to five people. There are 24 interior storage compartments for added convenience.

The New Sail is expected to achieve four stars in China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) testing. The New Sail’s safety cage construction with crumple zones offers class-leading passenger protection.

A steel frame surrounds the fuel tanks, for added safety. Dual air bags in front, a retractable steering column, antilock brakes with electronic brake-force distribution, child safety locks and a stronger child seat system are standard. The New Sail also offers outstanding pedestrian protection.


The driver enjoys maximum visibility courtesy of the New Sail’s large windshield, seats designed for local users and no-blind-spot rearview mirror.

Developed Emerging Markets
The New Sail was jointly developed by Shanghai GM and PATAC off a new architecture in accordance with GM’s Global Vehicle Development Process (GVDP) and worldwide standards for engineering and quality.

The development team for the New Sail factored in local climate and driving conditions as well as local fuel quality and Chinese driving habits in the new model’s design. The vehicle’s assembly followed the DTS global C-BOB (best of best) standard.

The New Sail was put through more than 2 million kilometers of testing in extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

To ensure that parts and components meet Chevrolet’s international standards in terms of quality, service, technology and price, 95% of components were supplied by members of GM’s global supply chain, with more than 40 percent coming from industry-leading component groups or their joint ventures.


GM’s global quality management processes and regulations were also applied in R&D, procurement, quality recognition and manufacturing. Shanghai GM’s paint shop adopted Generation 6 Zero-Emission Painting for the New Sail. The vehicle meets all European Union environmental protection standards in terms of heavy metal proportion and the recycling rate of the full vehicle.

World-class Chevrolet Gold Tie Service will be offered to New Sail buyers by Shanghai GM. Approximately 380 dealers in more than 200 cities across China will offer customers nine free services as well as 24-hour emergency assistance.

According to Shanghai GM President Ding Lei, “Several years ago, Shanghai GM made the strategic decision to broaden our customer base by developing the New Sail. We improved cost efficiency while setting new quality, fuel efficiency and value standards for economical family cars. With the arrival of the New Sail, we now have an entry in every major passenger car segment.”

Chevrolet New Sail – a Chinese Chevrolet
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