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ford-focus-rsIf you saw the fire-breathing Ford Focus RS on Top Gear last week and thought that you’d look pretty good in one of those then you better get down to your nearest Ford Dealer and get your order in because they’re coming to Australia … all 315 of them and that’s all there will be.

So if you happen to have $59,990 (plus onroad costs) and you want one you better get your skates on or you’re going to miss out.

You’ll miss out on one of the hottest little hatches that Ford ever been produced. The power, acceleration and handling in the previous Focus RS was outstanding and they’ve managed to do even better with the new Ford Focus RS

This Ford Focus RS this is powered by a turbocharged 2.5-litre five-cylinder Volvo engine that pumps out a whopping 224kW with peak torque of 440Nm coming in at just 2,300rpm. This powerful engine is coupled to a six-speed gearbox.


To cope with all that power the new Focus RS is fitted with unique sports suspension, incorporating the patented Ford RevoKnuckle, along with a Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing Helical Limited Slip Differential, high-performance braking system and Tyre Deflation Detection System (DDS) for the 19-inch alloy wheels and bespoke Continental tyres.

Automotive Technology has a full description of the Ford RevoKnuckle … follow the link if you want to see how it all works.


On the inside, Focus RS has Recaro sports seats in partial leather trim, dual zone climate control air conditioning, rain sensing windscreen wipers, auto-dimming rear vision mirror and an eight-speaker Sony audio system with six-disc CD player and USB input facility for iPod/MP3 player integration.


Bluetooth hands-free with Voice Control system is also part of the equipment package, along with the Ford Key-Free System incorporating keyless entry and keyless start via the start/stop button.


And that’s all there is … there are no options … no model variations … you get just one package with a choice of green, blue or white but with all these specs what more could you ask for?

The first of the 315 Ford Focus RS will arrive in Australia in the next few days.


Ford Focus RS

5 thoughts on “Ford Focus RS

  1. Stuart
    Although we see some impressive specs for the RS with regard to 0 to 100kph times we never see any acceleration comparisons between something like this RS and an SS commodore.

    On paper the SS looks faster to 100kph than the RS but the extra weight of the SS may mean it’s slower to 60kph than the RS and would get left at the traffic lights in the RS’s dust.

    Is this the case?

  2. Hello Steve

    My gut feeling would be that the RS probably is quicker but I’ve asked the guys at Ford to help us out here.

    I should also say that a few years ago I sat in the back of the previous RS while one of my daughters took it for a test drive and even though it had about 30,000km on the clock is still had neck-snapping acceleration.


  3. Steve

    Peter Fadeyev, Production Communications Manager for Ford got back to me today and the answer is pretty much what I expected.

    “To my knowledge, there have not yet been any timed comparisons between a Holden Commodore SS and the recently released Ford Focus RS. The Focus RS has a tested 0-100km/h time of 5.9 seconds. I cannot, however, locate an official 0-60km/h time. I see on Holden’s official website they don’t publish an official 0-100km/h time for the Commodore SS sedan so I cannot comment on how they might compare.

    Given acceleration is force divided by mass then the relatively light weight and high power/torque of the Focus RS should, one could predict, make it rather quick off the line from a standing start – especially when compared to larger, heavier performance-oriented cars. Other factors such as gearing come into effect, adding further fog to such mental comparisons. Regardless, it’s an interesting query.”

    I hope that helps you Steve.


  4. Thanks Stuart,
    I dropped my SSV off for a service and was loaned some type of non perforformance Astra, I was surprised at how ‘nippy’ it felt so I thought something like an RS Focus would have as you say, neck-snapping acceleration. My SSV is fast but I don’t think it would be fair to describe the acceleration as neck-snapping. I see that Motor magazine has a hot small car comparison in the latest issue where they give a very comprehensive acceleration rate comparison table between the vehicles and it is easy to pick which will leave the others in it’s dust. Perhaps there is never a comprehensive comparison done between small and large performance cars because it would indeed make the large cars look relatively slow off the line and up to 60/70kph. It would be great to see a HSV GTS, the new Falcon 335Kw GT, the Falcon F6 Typhoon and an RS Focus in a drag and round a track.

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