New Suzuki Compact SUV

Suzuki-SUV-conceptIf you can think beyond 2 wheels when you think of Suzuki the next thing you will probably think of is compact SUVs.

Let’s face it, over the years Suzuki has produced quite a few SUVs that most people would describe as ‘compact’ but in September Suzuki is going to unveil a new compact SUV concept and if you read between the lines of the press release you might begin to think that Suzuki is thinking even smaller.

Of course Suzuki have released a couple of promo photos but they’re just a teaser. They don’t really show anything (other than it’s a 4-door) and there’s no real indication of the size.

However the iV-4, as the concept for the new Suzuki compact SUV is known as, is said to embody the ruggedness of an SUV while inheriting various design features from earlier Suzuki models and yet this “personal compact SUV … conveys a sense of modernity and innovativeness”.

We’ll know just how much of that is hype September when the new Suzuki compact SUV is unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


New Suzuki Compact SUV
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