A Modern Three Wheel Car?

Hang on to your hat, Mr. Bean, the Messerschmitt has got company.

Xebra sedan

Meet the Xebra – it’s a Chinese three wheel battery powered car that’s now on the market in the United States.

According to the brochure it has:

    • a top speed of 65 kmh

a range of 65 km from it’s battery pack of 12 volt batteries

it will seat up to 4 (as long as three are midgets)

it comes in a choice of colours that include Kiwi Green, Aqua Turquoise, Sunset Red and even Zebra Flash

And of course what self respecting car manufacturer would offer a car without options?

So for this little beauty you can have it delivered with a luggage rack and leather seats.

Xebra dashboard

Without those stunning options you can buy this head-turner for just a tad under $US9,000 and at that price you get the strong smell of resins and epoxies thrown in for free.

Fortunately I doubt that we will ever see anything quite like this in Australia.

A Modern Three Wheel Car?
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