The Yankees Are Coming

The Melbourne Motor Show starts on February 7 and among the exhibitors will be Dodge who have come to show us what they’re about to offer in showrooms across the country.

You may have already seen their advertising on television – even here in regional Queensland they’ve given us a glimpse of three of the vehicles they will be selling over here. And you can expect to see those vehicles on display in Melbourne.

The company really seems to want to prime the market because it’s reported that the first to hit the marekt place will be the Doge Caliber and that won’t start selling until September.

Dodge Caliber

It looks like something of a cross between a station wagon and a minivan but what will actually power this beast is yet to be decided.

However it’s interesting to note that, at a time when 5 speed autos are common and 6 speed autos are appearing the Caliber is not going to get anything better than a 4 speed auto. Somehow that seems to rather date the vehicle as last year’s effort – especially seeing it’s not going to go on sale till almost next year.

The interior looks a little dated too – but it does come with a drink cooler so that should make all the difference – and the Americans wonder why they can’t sell cars to their own people.

Dodge Caliber dashboard

Of course, I’m always prepared to be proven wrong but somehow I don’t think this is the vehicle that’s going to do it.

The Yankees Are Coming

3 thoughts on “The Yankees Are Coming

  1. But with its low price tage, and sporty ‘cool’ features, might get something out of younger, first car buyers….

  2. Rod maybe it will appeal to someone but I doubt that it will be the younger first car buyers. Many of those buyers are locked into the sub $20k price range and even below that in the sub $15k range.

    I think that Dodge might have some trouble landing the Caliber here in either of those price brackets.

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