Why Do We Buy Cars?

What motivates you to buy a certain vehicle?

Well, while you’re pondering that curly question a recent survey of 140 automotive executives from around the world found that the executives think that there are a number of reasons that influence a person when they buy a car.

87% felt that quality was an important consideration

84% felt that fuel efficiency was important

68% thought that affordability was a major factor

47% thought that sales incentives were important

So now you know the reasons that the auto industry thinks are important to you when you buy a car.

Take a moment to hit the ‘comments’ link to tell the other readers what is important to you when you buy a car.

The reason I buy a car is because my wife likes it – don’t laugh – a survey done last year showed that when it comes to buying most big ticket items it’s the wife who has the final say. Who am I to dare buck the system?

Why Do We Buy Cars?
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