Electronic Insecurity

Yesterday I wrote a brief piece about the new Audi Q7 SUV – released in the US but not yet available in Australia.

One of the features of the Q7 is a keyless entry system that will unlock the car when anyone who has the correct key approaches the vehicle. The person who has the key doesn’t even have to push a button, it just unlocks automatically. Many of these vehicles will also start without the need for a key to be inserted into an ignition lock.

Now you might think that a system like that was extremely secure and made it impossible to steal any vehicle that has that system fitted but in fact it can make the theft of the vehicle so much easier. Just ask David Beckham – he’s had two very expensive BMWs stolen by car thieves using simple computer software.

The thieves need nothing more sophisticated than a laptop to take any vehicle fitted with high tech keyless entry.


Electronic Insecurity
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