The World’s Biggest Manufacturer of Motor Vehicles

That’s a title that has long been held by American giant – General Motors – but experts suggest that Toyota is about to claim the title from the ailing American giant.

In America GM continues to see sales plummet while Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Kia all continue to post improved sale figures month after month.

There seems to be an interesting parallel developing between Mitsubishi Australia and GM. Here in Australia Mitsubishi pinned their hopes of recovering from their downward spiral on the Mitsubishi 380 – a sedan that held a lot of promise but failed to inspire the motoring public.

In the US GM is pinning their hopes on the new Saturn Aura – a mid-sized sedan with European overtones

Saturn Aura

The new Saturn will come with a 252 horspower 3.6 litre V6 coupled to a 6 speed automatic transmission with gear selection available on the steering wheel.

Saturn Aura dashboard

Other features include leather upholstery, optional 4 pane sunroof, remote vehicle start, 8-way adjustable driver’s seat and 6-way adjustable passenger seat, traction control and rear seat audio controls with 2 sets of wireless headphones.

Saturn Aura interior

Whether or not this is the car the American motoring public want only time will tell. The vehicle goes on sale on July 24.

The World’s Biggest Manufacturer of Motor Vehicles
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