Hotting Up Your Car – Geek Style

I come from back in the time when any self respecting Aussie teenager spent Saturday’s working on his car. Back then a dual throat Webber was a great start to turning a placid little Mini into a fire-breathing monster and if your exhaust pipe wasn’t wider than the funnel on the Manly ferry you were inferior.

It’s easy to think that those days are gone now that we have let computers come between drivers and their cars. I mean how the heck to you turn something like a Prius into a machine that will drop wheelies in all forward gears?

Toyota Prius

Well perhaps they haven’t gone away after all and in a world of high-tech cars we know have geeks instead of the petrol-heads of old.

These days it’s not about tuning your carbies and playing with the timing – it’s all about tweaking your onboard computers and it’s a world where geeks rule. These days you don’t hot up your Prius – you hack it instead and hacking your Prius has become a mandatory for any self-respecting geek.

Hotting Up Your Car – Geek Style
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