A Fully Electric Sports Car?

Well it could just be possible and it could already be built … but no one is admitting to seeing it yet.

Tesla Motors claimes to have built an totally electric car – not a hybrid like the Prius – that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h just four seconds. It also claims that the car can handle like a high-end sports car but it’s range is just a little limited.

The battery can take you around 400 kilometres before you need to find wall socket to plug the power cord into.

Tesla Motors first arrived on the scene in 2003 and it must have something worth investing in because it has just raised $US40 million in venture capital from the Serge Brin and Larry Page – the guys behind Google.

The company claims that it will unveil it’s first production model on July 12.

A Fully Electric Sports Car?
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