Fuel Prices – They’re Still Going Up

BP announced today that it would be closing down production at its Alaskan oilfields due to production problems and of course that is going to affect the price of fuel in Australia.

The NRMA is predicting that Australian motorists could be paying up to $1.80 a litre within months.

The closure of the Alaskan fields means that 8% of total US production is now gone and the closure is indefinite. The closure became necessary when BP discovered that much of the pipeline that is used to transport crude oil from the field is damaged and as much as 73% of it will need to be replaced.

Fuel Prices – They’re Still Going Up

2 thoughts on “Fuel Prices – They’re Still Going Up

  1. Aussie motorists may have to learn to live without their wondorous, torquey V6 and V8-powered cars and start to buy European-style eco-mobiles.
    Ford have reintroduced the Mondeo with the beauful turbo-diesel engine. This car will offer Falcon-like space with Focus-like economy. The performance isn’t too shabby either.
    BMW can fit their beautiful 3 litre diesel to the 1 and 3 series. Ford offer the Fiesta and Focus with smaller capacity petrol and diesel engines for greater economy. 5 and 7 seat people-carriers such as the Zafira, S-Max, C-Max and Plueriel are top-sellers offering massive interior space without a significant dent in economy.
    GM have some powerful diesel engines, and a superb 2.2 turbo petrol that could be dropped into the Commodore to offer frugal performance.

    I’ve seen petrol prices rise alarmingly in the UK. Protests in September 2000 caused the country to grind to a halt, but the underlying fact is that we adapted. SUVs and sportscars are still very popular, but there is a massive selection of cars that offer around 5l/100km for those who want reduced running costs.

    I guess my point is that the motor industry has products that can make fuel price rises easier on the wallet.

  2. Chris you won’t find me disagreeing with you. In fact when the VE Commodore was released one of the problems I saw with the car was that it’s fuel consumption was terrible.

    The Commodore is seven years newer than my Hyundai Granduer and it’s fuel consumption is about the same – that’s terrible!

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