LPG Subsidy for Motorists

It seems that the Federal Government is about to announce a $1,000 subsidy for motorists who convert to LPG and, while that is certainly to be applauded, it does leave you wondering when the Government is going to stop being reactive and start being proactive.

There is little doubt, when you think about it, that those who have access to the data would have known that this fuel crisis was coming. The economic boom in China and the consequent drain on the world’s dwindling fuel supplies should have been foreseen and our elected leaders should have been preparing for it.

Instead we seem to be bumbling along and struggling to keep up with changes we should have known about.

This latest offer is good, there is no doubt about that, but where is the infrastructure to support a sudden lurch towards LPG.?

Just have a look at how many LPG pumps your local service station has? Ask them what the capacity of their LPG tank is and then wonder where they can find room to fit more?

How many LPG tankers are there on the road? Will there be enough to meet the demand if there is a sudden rush to take advantage of the subsidy?

And what else is the Government going to do to encourage motorists to use alternatives to fossil fuels?

LPG Subsidy for Motorists
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