Leather Upholstery Too Hot for You In Summer? BMW Might Have the Answer

With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting a hotter than average Spring this year, convertible owners will welcome a revolutionary new technology that reduces heat build-up in leather upholstery by around 25 degrees.

“The open-air motoring fan has to endure the same experience time and again,” says Tom Noble, General Manager Marketing at BMW Group Australia.

“You park your car in the sun with the roof open and the leather on the seats as well as the steering wheel becomes unpleasantly hot and hard to touch.

This problem is now solved by SunReflective technology, used for the first time ever in the automobile industry.

And it is perfect for a hot country like Australia,” says Tom.

Special treatment of the leather, naturally maintaining its superior features and qualities, reflects direct sunlight in the invisible waveband. As a result, the surfaces do not become as hot as usual and maintain a pleasantly low temperature.

Particularly large differences in temperature (25 °C and more) versus conventional leather are ensured especially with dark leather colours, depending on the intensity of sunshine. Even with light colours, the differences in temperature achieved are quite noticeable.

“Thanks to the revolutionary SunReflective technology from BMW Individual, convertible owners can now better enjoy the pleasures of open top motoring in Australia,” says Tom.

SunReflective technology is currently available on the exclusive BMW Individual Merino leather seats featured in the BMW Individual 6 Series Convertible.

The additional cost for SunReflective Technology is $500 and is currently available exclusively to BMW Individual customers.

Leather Upholstery Too Hot for You In Summer? BMW Might Have the Answer
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