Things Are Gonna Get Nasty

The Toyota logo meets the blog world

While most people on the planet have no idea of what a blog is (the last time a survey was conducted they found that only 2% of Internet users knew what a blog was) the blog world is alive and kicking and has quite an impact on may of the things that it touches.

At the top of the blog chain are the big blog networks who number their readers in the tens of thousands. Further down the blog chain there are sites like Aussie Motoring where I can number the readers in figures that … well that’s just too depressing to contemplate first thing on a Monday morning.

The obvious point in all that is that if you’re going to tread on some blog’s toes it’s far better to tread on mine than on the toes of a major blog network – and that’s a lesson that one Toyota dealer in the United States is learning right now.

The dealer’s ad agency took the 9rules blog networks logo and used it for themselves. So in the spirit of co-operation and free use of logos and trademarks 9rules invited it’s readers to submit some creative variations on the Toyota logo.

Things Are Gonna Get Nasty
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