Australian Summer Cars 3

The BMW 3 Series convertible

Yesterday we looked at the Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet – the only convertible on Australian road that comes with a glass roof. You will find a link to that article below. Today we’re going to look at a convertible that won’t be released until the Brisbane Motor Show next month – the BMW 3 series convertible.

BMW M3 convertible

2006 was a great year for BMW in Australia as more and more people turned to BMW for their next luxury car. Heck even She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed and I toyed with the idea of trading in the Grandeur on a beemer. So there’s no doubt that the release of the new 3 Series convertible in Australia is being eagerly awaited..

Sadly while it’s going to be released in Brisbane it’s not going on sale anywhere in Australia till late March.

BMW 3 Series convertible with the top up

While the specifications and pricing details for the Australian model are yet to be announced we do know that the BMW 3 Series convertible will come with a choice of 160 kW 325i straight six magnesium-aluminium engine, or the new top of the range all-aluminium Twin Turbo 225 kW engine in the 335i.

It takes just 22 seconds for the fully-lined retractable hardtop to unfold itself from behind the rear seats. The three-piece lightweight steel roof provides both superior sound insulation and extremely large windows for excellent visibility.

Opening the roof is a full second faster than closing, and once stowed, the boot retains a remarkable 210 litres of luggage space.

BMW 3 Series cockpit

In addition, the rear section of the seat backs fold flat allowing a through-loading system that means bulkier items than ever can be carried securely.

It’s certainly going to be one car I can’t wait to see at the Brisbane Motor Show

Australian Summer Cars

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Australian Summer Cars 3
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