Could This be a Future Commodore?

General Motors made quite a splash at the Detroit Auto Show with a brand-new electric car. It’s only in the concept stage right now but maybe one day we’ll see the Chevrolet Volt sold in Australia under the Holden brand.

Chevrolet Volt

And don’t be fooled into thinking that this car can’t travel long distances. General Motors suggests that the Chevrolet Volt can handle 640 miles/1024 kilometres in one trip.

You can read more about the Chevrolet Volt here.

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Could This be a Future Commodore?

2 thoughts on “Could This be a Future Commodore?

  1. I seriously doubt that Holden execs will have the foresight or the guts to take a gamble like this.

    Perhaps we’ll see some of the elements of design in the next ‘dore, however I would really like to see them take a good look at green cars.

    Possibly a hybrid Astra or Vectra variant?

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