Sometimes the Truth Hurts

by Stuart Livesey

Consumer Reports is a US based expert, indepenent, non profit organisation not unlike our Australian Consumers Association so when they do their annual report on the best and worst cars it’s well worth a look … unless you happen to be Mercedes Benz.

If you happen to be Mercedes Benz then the 2007 report5 does not make for good reading or good public relations. Almost every current Mercedes Benz model appeared in the list of the ‘least reliable’ used cars. The SL, SLK, CLK, CLS along with the E, R and M class models all made an appearance in the list.

Other manufacturers didn’t do much better. Five vehicles made it to the ‘most disappointing’ list and four of them were from Chrysler. Of interest to us here in Australia both the Sebring and the Caliber were included in that list.

Sometimes the Truth Hurts
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