What is the World Coming To?

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  1. MG Rover has been a thorn in Britain’s side for some time and being a Brit living in Australia, I’m not too sad to see it head East.
    Britain has a long, proud motoring history, but is awful at mass-producing cars. We have some of the world’s best specialists; McLaren, Williams, Lotus and Prodrive being a selection. We are rampant consumers of sports and premium cars such as Porsche and BMW.

    But MG Rover is not synonymous with that aspect of British motoring. It has long been a loss-making enterprise, manufacturing cars that were below average. There were strong rumours that the British government poured millions into the Longbridge factory because it was cheaper to cover MGR’s debts that it was to pay benefits to the many workers.

    MG and Rover both produced some iconic cars over the years, but that was then and this is now. With MG Rover gone, we can look to the future. Aston Martin is back under British stewardship. Prodrive, McLaren and Lotus have never been busier. BMW, Nissan, Honda and others are employing thousands.

    It would have been nice for MG Rover to rise Phoenix-like, but we all knew it wasn’t going to happen.

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