Every Classic Car Owner’s Nightmare

1971 GTHO Phase III Falcon stolen in Perth

Earlier this month fully restored red version of this classic Australian muscle car was stolen from a collector in Perth. Sadly this car is now right out of circulation and, unless the thieves are caught, it’s unlikely it will ever be seen again. With only 300 of these cars ever produced these days such a vehicle could never be re-birthed.

1970 Ford Falcon GT
I had the good fortune of being able to photograph (and listen to) this 1970 version of the Falcon GT here in Queensland earlier this year. You can read more about this particular car here

Every Classic Car Owner’s Nightmare

2 thoughts on “Every Classic Car Owner’s Nightmare

  1. I hope you find your beautiful car, I have a 1987 Jaguar Xj6 which is not as rare as your car, but still, it is only one of five cars in a city of over one million and I take care that it is not stolen and parted out. I feel sad for you and I hope you can find it one day and prosecute the thieves who stole it. It truly is a beautiful car. Donna

  2. We have been restoring a 1978 HZ Statesman Deville for close to two years, the grand old lady is just about ready to cruise the roads again, blood sweat and a lot of tears have gone into this car, we know we would be heart broken if anything happened to the car, our hearts go out to you, we will keep our eyes peeled for your car, hopefully one day the low lifes who took the car will be found, along with the car, good luck,
    Brian and Yvonne
    Perth W.A

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