Honda FCX Clarity – Leaving Nothing but Water Vapour

Just over 20 years ago Honda started thinking of producing a car that produced nothing but water vapour and now that car is about to be released to the public in the United States.

The FCX Clarity is powered by an electric motor that draws its power from a fuel cell that converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity. Additional power is passed to a lithium-ion battery pack through regenerated energy when the vehicle is braking.

Honda FCX Clarity

With a range of only 432 km and a need for specialised refueling stations it’s unlikely that we’ll see the Honda FCX Clarity here in Australia any time soon but perhaps one day these, and other, emission free vehicles will be on our roads.

Honda FCX Clarity – Leaving Nothing but Water Vapour

3 thoughts on “Honda FCX Clarity – Leaving Nothing but Water Vapour

  1. if the hydrogen cannot be produced using renewable energy or at least very efficient conventional means, it’s really no better than petrol or diesel. it just transfers the emissions from the exhaust pipe of the car to the power plant where ever the H2 is being made.

  2. the Americans will take up this car en masse because they will be desperate soon. Their pride is at stake.
    Barack Obama has the popularity and the brains to be able to follow up on his promises to wean America off oil.
    This car as James May recognized on top gear will change everthing in the way the Model T took off. Or even how the car took over from the horse and cart and for eactly the same reason – Money.
    It will cost far less to run and any company producing Hydrogen cheaply will be rewarded in California. Arnold has just bought Australian technolgy to harness Sunlight for electrical power.
    The renewable revolution is about to take off like a rocket and people who want to make up for the losses on the stockmarket will be onto a winner backing hyrogen refueling.
    I can see James Bond movies being made about this.
    Industrial revolution took off in Britain in 18th Century when all the elements were in place. They are all now in place to take off in California first. Then rest of USA. USA is desperate and this car is a winner.
    You read it first here.

  3. Your absolutly right Steven, all the ingredients are in place for it to take off. All it needs is momentum from the average person, which will have to be instigated by a little incentive or even commitment by the government, to get the infra structure put into place in all the major cities in Australia. Were headed in that direction eventually any way. Why can’t we in Oz be the second or third country after Japan and the US to make the bold step forward. Personally I can’t wait to own something like a Honda Clarity.

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