The Greenest Car Makers

by Stuart Livesey

I’m not sure who is the greenest car maker here in Australia … if fact you would have to wonder if anyone has actually compiled such a list … but in Europe, Peugeot tops the list as the greenest car maker followed by Fiat, Renault, Toyota and Honda.

BMW and Daimler were at the bottom of the list and VW could only manage to appear in 9th position.

The manufacturers were graded on the fleet emissions for 2006 and Peugeot had an average of 142 grams of CO2 per kilometre. But in the future Peogeot and the other car manufacturers are going to have to do much better because the European Union expects all European car makers to reduce their emissions to an average of 120 grams per kilometre by 2015.

Back in 1904 though things were much different and the Peugeot didn’t have to worry about emissions when it built this beautiful little machine.

1904 Peugeot
Photo courtesy of Morguefile

The Greenest Car Makers
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