New Models This Year

There are plenty of new models due out in Australia this year. Perhaps the one that will arouse the most interest is the new Ford Falcon model scheduled for release in May. Of course there are some photos of the new model already out there on the Net thanks to Ford who decided to release a few themselves.

Holden seem intent on stealing some of Falcon’s thunder by releasing a new station wagon during May. The new wagon will be smaller than the Commodore wagon which will be phased out when the new wagon arrives.

We can also expect a new Peugot 308 hatch during February. Nissan will also be releasing a 4 cylinder SUV during February but it won’t be coming from Japan. Instead the Dualis will be manufactured in Great Britain.

A new Subaru Imprezza and a Lancer Evo are also due with the Imprezza coming in February and the Evo in March. And if we didn’t have enough big cars of our own and more coming in from Europe then the Cadillac CTS may find a few buyers when it arrives sometime towards the end of the year.

And if big gas guzzling American monsters and smaller but just as thirsty SUVs aren’t your style then you only have to wait until March when a new version of the Fiat 500 arrives. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this Fiat 500 will be cheap … the starting price is expected to be well over the $20k mark.

And you can find more information on the new cars arriving in Australia here.

New Models This Year
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