Cheap Hybrid Cars in Australia?

I’m sure that most of us would be environmentally friendly when it comes to the cars we drive if only we could afford it. Sadly though cheap environmentally friendly cars come with a price tag that put them right out of the reach of many motorists.

That could be about to change though and as early as 2011 we could be seeing cheap hybrid cars arriving here in Australia.

Honda CRZ concept car

This is the Honda CRZ concept car. It’s powered by a low-cost petrol-electric engine and Honda plans on developing this concept into a global car that it will sell around the world.

Honda CRZ petrol-electric concept car is reporting that a 5 door version of this concept could hit the streets of Australia by 2011.

Dashboard of the Honda CRZ concept car

And the bottom line? Honda is aiming to have this in the showrooms for a price in the mid $20k range.

Cheap Hybrid Cars in Australia?

3 thoughts on “Cheap Hybrid Cars in Australia?

  1. that is so cool i think that is a sweet car inside and out i hope that makes it to production

  2. Looks nice in the concept pics, bit like an Audi from the front, although I’m not a fan of that raised back end. Dashboard is cool, like the way the colours alter according to how you drive.. but realistically this car isn’t amazingly powerful so who knows..

  3. I am sorry to sound cynical, but just what does “cheap hybrid car” mean in this context? Honda is not generally known for being a cheap car manufacturer, a good car manufacturer, yes. However this concept seems to maintain it’s tradition of pricing above the norm for any given size.

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