Ford’s Survival Plan

I have to admit that I missed this one … with all the talk of economic gloom and doom and the collapse of the motoring world as we know it I missed the announcement that Ford in the US has a survival plan.

The plan is … well if you listen to Ford’s CEO the plan is highly involved and it’s a very reason why the US government should bail them out … but to give it to you in a nutshell the plan is to build cars that are as good or better than what other manufacturers are producing and cars that people actually want to buy.

Think about it for a moment and I’m sure that you’ll be just as puzzled as I am with this plan. Surely building cars that people actually want to buy is the basic business plan of any car maker so why has it taken this economic collapse to get Ford to actually wake up to reality?

You do have to wonder about the people in charge of Ford and General Motors at times … are they in touch with reality or are they high on their own PR spin?

Ford’s Survival Plan
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