Ford USA

Ford Makes a Profit

Years ago car companies always made a profit so a headline like the one above would have brought howls of laughter but not any more In a time when many large car makers have struggled to survive … and only done so with the help of governments around the world … the fact that Ford […]

Ford to Recall 4.5 Million Vehicles

Later this month Ford in the United States will begin to recall around 4.5 million vehicles because of a faulty cruise control switch. The vehicles to be recalled include Windstars, Excursion diesels, F Series diesels, Econolines, Explorers, Mercury Mountaineers, Rangers and F35 Motorhomes and involve vehicles built between 1992 and 2003 although not all year […]

US Car Industry Bail-out Fails

So the bail-out plans for the American car industry didn’t get through Congress? Well in the long-term that’s probably a good thing because it means that we could see a real change in the car industry world-wide. In the short-term it’s probably a good thing too because it really did look as though Congress wanted […]

Bad Economic News Continues for the Car Industry

In America General Motors is expected to announce the suspension of development work on a range of future models. One of Ford’s biggest parts suppliers has announced the closure of five plants as demand for its products dries up. The big three manufacturers in the US are reported to be planning on approaching the White […]

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