Chinese Cars Come to Australia

Great Wall … it may not have the same ring as Holden, Falcon or any of the other major car manufacturers but I have a suspicion that you’re going to be hearing a whole lot more of it in the very near future … in fact you’ll probably start hearing more about it this week.

While Great Wall may not have much of a ring to it … and Wingle definitely doesn’t give you a subconcious image of strength and reliability … those are the names that you are going to be hearing about as Great Wall launches it’s first vehicle in Australia during this coming week.

Unlike most new manufacturers who launch in Australia with a sedan Great Wall is launching with two 4-door utes. The Wingle shown here is the 2.4 litre version and the two-wheel drive version will start here at around $23,990

The Great Wall up-market utility - the Wingle

This version will have a 2.4 litre petrol engine – 5 speed manual – leather seat trim – airconditioning – power steering – central locking but no airbags. The 2.2 litre version will have the same specs but will start at $19,990. 4WD versions will also be available

And that price point is the reason that you will be hearing more about them. At that price and roadside assistance on a three year warranty these utes will look rather attractive to your average cash-strapped tradie.

Chinese Cars Come to Australia

7 thoughts on “Chinese Cars Come to Australia

  1. Crying shame they didn’t go with the rumoured 2.8L turbo diesel on the V240 model base.

    Will be especially interested in the 4X4 versions’ and their respective towing capacity and fuel consumption figures.

    How long before the 4X4 mag’s get a loaner for evaluation.

  2. Joe – the fuel consumption figures that I’ve seen were somewhere between 10 and 11 litres per 100kms which isn’t all that good by today’s standards.

    I also thought that the combination of features was a bit odd – leather upholstery but no airbags? Maybe the diesel was a bit too dirty for Australian standards … still, I’ll be interested in having a look at one if a dealer has been appointed up this way.


  3. Finally got to look under the bonnet!
    I was told they had lots of Mitsubishi kit on board.

    There it was cast into the tap cover on the engine and marked on the gearbox. “MITSUBISHI” cast into the tap cover.

    Well at least there was truth in advertising. Seemed like everything(?) except the body is Mitsubishi.

  4. For some reason that doesn’t surprise me at all Joe.

    Our 2001 Hyundai Grandeur has a fairly standard Mitsubishi V6 – although you won’t see the Mitsubishi name stamped so obviously on it and a lot of the other bits and pieces are probably from the same source. And there’s a recent American vehicle – the brand and model escapes me at the moment – that, once the body shell is removed, is a fairly standard Mitsubishi chassis etc.

    What did you think of the standard of finish and does it look sturdy enough for our conditions. We’re contemplating buying a new vehicle the Great Wall is floating around on the edge of the options we’re thinking about.


  5. Hey guys, I have test driven the X240 recently and it too has a 2.4 Mitsubishi (ex Triton) engine.
    I found the finish and quality to be above average..pretty much in par with the Koreans about 10 years ago.. but the list of extras thrown in is unbeleivable!
    $23990 includes drive away price, for that you get Alloy Wheels, Tinted Windows, Climate Control, 5 Speed Manual, Electric Windows, Power Steering and Mirrors, Leather (Black) Seats, CD/Radio and more.

    I found the drive comfortable and quiet at low and high speeds but going uphill may need a bit of is a heavy car for a 2.4 litres.

    Exterior and interior is great, looks like a cross between a GMC, Honda and Mitsubishi to me..and the best thing is, the sales staff are willing and able to make a sale so, I say to all the competitors out there.. watch out.

  6. G’day Paul

    Thanks for that information – they must be selling a few because I saw a couple on a trip to Brisbane earlier this month.

    They also seem to be a bit selective in what motoring writers they talk to … another motoring blog suggested that perhaps they were afraid of criticism.


  7. These cars have got to be the most fake shameful car on the market right now. I mean come on they steal the look of a holden rodeo and make it look even shitter then ever before. The last thing i will ever do is waste my money on one of these chinese shit boxes!!

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