Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Australia is set to make history in just over three months when it launches the first hybrid car to be built in this country – Hybrid Camry.

Toyota insiders say the fuel-efficient petrol-electric Hybrid Camry will be more powerful, better handling and quieter – even compared with the standard car.

Engineers have tuned the car’s suspension and steering specifically for the Australian market so that it meets the demands of local drivers and their families.

New features include advanced computer technology that links on-board systems to enhance driving enjoyment and safety.

Hybrid Camry will use significantly less fuel – around 30 per cent less than the petrol Camry, according to latest indications.

The standard petrol Camry is already the most fuel-efficient car produced in Australia, consuming just 8.8 litres per 100km* on the official combined cycle.

This first official glimpse of the unmasked Hybrid Camry exterior reveals styling that is progressive and aerodynamic.

The unmistakable hybrid identity is emblazoned on its front-quarter panel, just above the car’s dynamic 10-spoke alloy wheels.

Full-scale production is due to begin next month, with cars arriving in dealerships during February.

Toyota Camry Hybrid
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