Hybrid Cars Have a Noise Problem …

[fusion_text]Prius-sound… when they’re running in electric mode they don’t make any noise.

Now if you live near a busy highway the possibility that one day the roads might be populated with cars that make no sound must seem like a dream come true but for people who rely their hearing to stay safe when they’re around any sort of roadway the lack of sound can be extremely dangerous.

Sight-impaired people are particularly at risk when there are quiet hybrids and electric vehicles around and so are those foolish people who don’t pay attention, talk on their mobile phones or are just otherwise distracted when they’re crossing a road and car makers understand that this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

It isn’t as simple as just installing some sort of warning system that might sound an external alarm when the car comes close to a pedestrian … after all you just want to let them know that there’s a car around rather than scaring them so much that they jump. So what do manufacturers do?

Well as you will see here, the Chevrolet Volt produces a ‘friendly’ sound that would warn people that an otherwise quiet car was approaching.

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Hybrid Cars Have a Noise Problem …
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