Mahindra Launches 4×4 Adventure Tips Guide

4x4-tipsSo you’d love to buy a 4-wheel-drive and head for somewhere like Fraser Island with the family now that you’ve seen all those Boating Camping and Fishing ads on TV but you’ve never driven anything more hairy-chested than a a people-mover and you’re worried you’re going to get stuck out there and get eaten by dingos?

Well fear not … be thou not faint-hearted for help is at hand thanks to the people from Mahindra … the people who bring you the 4-wheel-drive Mahindra Pik-Up (that you can read more about by following the link). They have just released a 4×4 adventure tips guide that will help you return from your adventures in one piece.

Feedback from a recent tour to dealerships across the Eastern Seaboard by Mahindra Automotive Australia (MAA), the distributors of the Pik-Up utility vehicle, has revealed that 4×4 ute drivers who purchase vehicles mainly for work purposes have strong aspirations to go adventure driving, but fear gets the better of them.

A survey by MAA of drivers across the country supported the notion with a 32% majority saying that they are interested in 4×4 touring, but have never done anything about it. And 7.2% said that they go touring with their friends in their 4×4, rather than braving it in a vehicle they own. Whilst the rest of the respondents were either already venturing out, or had no interest in the sport at all.

As a result of the tour and insight the research provided, MAA has developed a 4WD guide that potential adventure drivers can go through with dealers if 4×4 touring is of interest. Preparation, what to take, and general safety are just some of the factors covered so that buyers can feel confident when hitting the road on that ultimate dream track. The guide can also be downloaded from the Mahindra website by following the link to Customer Care.

Claire Tynan, CEO of Mahindra Automotive Australia says, “Through talking to buyers and understanding the market via extensive research we found that drivers are rightfully apprehensive of finding themselves in sticky situations in remote areas. This is why understanding a 4×4 vehicle before making a purchase and questioning the brand’s capability and reliability, as well as taking all of the right precautions before heading out, is absolutely vital. This sort of knowledge makes a huge difference in terms of confidence on those special adventure trips as well as on the road daily.”

Rees Leyshon, a Mahindra Pik-Up driver bought a 4×4 dual-cab Pik-Up approximately two years ago for his landscape gardening business. He always aspired to go up North for an adventure trip, but lacked the confidence to do so. He researched on line and found that the Mahindra had a reputation for being a rugged and capable vehicle in many parts of the world. That factor, coupled with some short “test” trips locally in his Pik-Up, showed him that it handled all sorts of harsh terrain without any trouble at all.

Once he knew comfortably what it could achieve, he took his Pik-Up to Cape York and fulfilled a lifelong dream. A year later, having had the time of their lives, Rees and his four sons braved some of the hardest roads in Australia and took it to the Kimberley for an amazing adventure. Rees says, “At many turns, we left other 4×4’s for dead! In fact we had to tow some vehicles that have been long associated with adventure driving out of very thick bog, which we were completely floored by. It just takes time to do your research and build confidence with your vehicle once you’ve bought it before you can go out there and conquer some tough tracks. But it’s well worth it.”

Rob Attwood, another Mahindra Pik-Up driver who owns a motorbike and farming equipment shop in rural Queensland tows boats, caravans and trailers for work and play. He has clocked up over 86,000 Km in his vehicle in a fairly short period of time and says it’s all about knowing what the vehicle can do and treating it “rough” in more controlled environments which will help build confidence.

Along with the guise, testimonials of drivers such as Rees and Rob are also available to buyers both on line and at Mahindra dealerships so that they have a clear understanding of the vehicle’s track record under harsh Australian conditions.

MAA recently launched a new TVC campaign with the tag line “Made for the hardest places on Earth” which is based on Mahindra’s tough 4×4 heritage and its ability to handle well under difficult circumstances both here and internationally.

Mahindra Launches 4×4 Adventure Tips Guide
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