Lexus LS460

ls460-sportsThere’s some interesting upgrades and the Lexus LS460 Sports is a whole new model in the Lexus range

All LS 460 models receive retuned air-suspension, providing greater support and response, particularly at initial turn in.

Inside, LS drivers will notice the redesigned centre cluster, which features new switch gear and chrome highlights to lift the cabin.Drivers will also note a new ECO mode that reduces the power necessary to run the air conditioning, and in turn, improve fuel efficiency. ECO mode also has an indicator bar to notify the driver whether or not they are operating the accelerator in a fuel efficient way.

Further functionality enhancements include a new slimline-designed rear seat entertainment screen* that reduces obstruction of visibility through the rear vision mirror and the ability to split audio between rear and front occupants via wireless headphones.The LS Line also adopts USB audio capability, which enables controlled use of portable music players – such as iPods® – from LS 460’s touch navigation screen.

Lexus LS460 Sports

To enhance comfort, an auto slide feature has been added to the driver’s seat to assist with entry and exit, while rear seat features massagers and new headrests with adjustable side supports*.

Visual changes across the LS Line include newly designed front and rear bumpers, grille and mirror mounted turn indicators. Headlamps and tail lamps have also been redesigned, with new LED running lights along the base of the headlamps and a revised rear combination lamp design.

All new LS models will feature new scratch-resistant clear coating for improved paint durability. The paint has been developed to minimise damage via general wear and tear and light scratching. All models will also be available in 10 colours, four of which – Lapis Lazuli, Vermillion, Sleek Ecru and Deep Peridot – are new.

Lexus Chief Executive John Roca said that the upgrades to the LS Line are more than just skin deep.

“With the introduction of IS F last year, Lexus has increasingly been asked about sportier versions of its vehicles and LS 460 Sports is an answer to those questions,” said Mr Roca

“LS 460 Sport will appeal to those that want a comfortable tourer with a sporting kick.

“Upgrades across the LS Line ensure that it remains the flagship of our range and top of mind with luxury saloon customers,” said Mr Roca.

Lexus LS460 Sports
All-new LS 460 Sports will feature a unique body kit, grille and wheels – giving it a wider, lower stance.

More importantly, the visual enhancements are backed up by an array of sports-tuned mechanical upgrades, including a revised transmission, paddle shifters, retuned suspension, upgraded stabiliser bars and a Brembo brake package.

LS 460 Sports’ eight-speed sequential-shifting transmission draws on IS F performance sedan’s transmission tune and offers up-shift times of 0.3 seconds – quicker than in standard form.

Toyota Lexus LS460 dashboard

The transmission also includes manual (M) and automatic (D) modes, which provide a clutchless, manual-like, driving experience in M, while D mode is completely automatic. On down-shifts in M mode, the transmission uses a throttle blipping control to match the engine speed to the gear, providing down-shifts in approximately 0.2 of a second.

Suspension has also been revised for LS Sports, with retuned air suspension and upgraded stabiliser bars providing a firmer ride, with reduced body roll during cornering.

Braking on LS 460 Sports has been completely revised, Brembo six-piston calipers and 380mm diametre rotors on the front and Brembo four-piston calipers and 334mm rotors in the rear, in lieu of 357mm rotors and four-piston calipers and 335mm rotors and two-piston calipers, respectively, on non-Sports models.

LS 460 front Sports seat shape has also been revised to enhance the feeling of stabilised support to the hip, shoulder and thigh area to provide a more stable posture.

Upgrades are topped off by a unique body kit, featuring a black weave grille, front spoiler, side rocker mouldings and unique 20-spoke 19-inch forged alloy wheels.

Lexus LS460
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