Burrum Heads – the Civilized Getaway

burrum-headsIf you fish then you just have to come to Burrum Heads. If you just want time away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world then you just have to come to Burrum Heads. If you want to put your boat in the water and go for a sail then you just have to come to Burrum Heads.

Burrum Heads is located on the Fraser Coast about 4 hours drive north of Brisbane. The weather is perfect just about all year round and whether you want to boat, fish, swim or just sit by the water to unwind then Burrum Heads is the place you need to head for.

It’s not a big town but it has all the shops you’ll need, there’s a pub and a bowling club as well as a servo, two caravan parks and plenty of holiday cottages to let. When we were up there last weekend there were plenty of vacant holiday cottages right across the road from the beach.



You can access Burrum Heads by either taking the Hervey Bay turn-off through Maryborough or staying on the Bruce Highway for a few more kilometres and turning off at Howard. The road is good whichever way you choose to go and it’s well sign-posted.


You’re not too far off the beaten track at Burrum Heads and the busy tourist centre of Hervey Bay is just 30 minutes away so there’s plenty to do even if you don’t fish. If you do fish there’s the river and the waters of Hervey Bay and there’s plenty of fish.


If you bring your boat, putting it in the water won’t be a problem either for there are two boat ramps within 300 metres of each other and, while parking around the boat ramps is a bit limited, even on weekends they don’t get too busy.

Follow this link and you’ll find more information about holiday and permanent rentals.

Oh, there is one problem about Burrum Heads … when you get there you may find that the lifestyle is so agreeable you won’t want to leave.


Burrum Heads – the Civilized Getaway
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