How Safe is Your Car?

That’s the question the VACC wants you to think about as we head towards one of the busiest motoring seasons in Australia and the answer is that it may not be as safe as you think.

“The more we test, the more horror stories we see”. That was the reaction of VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, on seeing the latest Five Point Safety Check figures.

After testing the basic safety features of more than 4000 vehicles, VACC repairers found a frightening 31 percent failed.


“Nearly one-in-three unsafe vehicles on our roads is unacceptable,” Mr Purchase said.

“This is concerning enough in itself, but in a week or so, our roads are going to be swarming with families and holiday makers driving off for their holidays. Some of those cars are going to be towing trailers or caravans that may have sat idle for months. If every third vehicle on the road is unsafe, there could be serious implications for the State’s road toll,” said Mr Purchase.

VACC vehicle safety data shows that more than a thousand of the vehicles tested had unsafe tyres. The information (see below) also indicates there is an increase in the number of vehicles with brakes, steering or lights that are faulty.


“Motorists are urged to make sure the vehicle they are driving is safe, for the own sake and the sake of their occupants and other road users. Basic faults like damaged tyres, worn brakes, broken lights, defective steering and frayed seatbelts can be easily identified by a professional and fixed.


“Most motorists do not know that their vehicle is unsafe which is why VACC has launched a Vehicle Safety public awareness campaign.

“We are recommending that motorists have their vehicle checked on a regular basis. To assist, participating VACC repairers are offering a Five Point Safety Check at servicing. They assess the brakes, tyres, lights, steering and restraints, and it is free of charge.

“This holiday, before you plan your journey or where to stay or who to visit, plan to have your car serviced. Then you will have peace of mind that you have made safety priority number one.

“We hope all motorists have happy and safe journeys this holiday period and that they make an early New Year’s resolution to recognise the importance of Vehicle Safety,” Mr Purchase said.

How Safe is Your Car?
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