Saab – Not Dead Yet

Previous reports … including our own … that Saab was doomed and closure was coming in January could have been a little premature. It seems that GM is still prepared to sell the company rather than close it down and there’s at least one company that’s still very interested in buying Saab.

Late last week talks with Spyker … a small Swedish car maker that specialises in limited production sports cars … collapsed when it seems that Spyker couldn’t come up with a realistic figure for Saab. But now Spryker has made another offer and GM and Spyker are talking once more.

And then there are some rumours wandering around that there might be another car maker that’s interested in buying Saab. A comment made on Twitter by one of the heads of Mahindra … the Indian car maker … has people wondering whether Mahindra is thinking about making a last-minute bid for the company.

Just like some of it’s early products, it seems that Saab might last a whole lot longer than most people ever thought possible.

Saab – Not Dead Yet
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