Hyundai Sets Some Sales Records

logoHyundai has sold more than 60,000 vehicle sales in Australia up to the end of November 2009, setting an all time record for the brand in this country … and remember, this is at a time when the car industry was feeling the effects of the recession we never had.

In a total market that has decreased 9.3% (November YTD 2009 v. November YTD 2008), Hyundai posted eleven consecutive months of year-on-year growth and an overall increase in sales of 41.6% YTD.

In November, Hyundai’s Australian dealers sold 5,262 vehicles, achieving a market share of 6.1%. Sales for November 2009 were up +37.5% over the same month last year – giving Hyundai its best ever November result. Hyundai Motor Company’s global sales also increased 9.6% (November YTD 2009 v. November YTD 2008). In South Korea, the all-new YF mid-sized sedan sold 17,464 units, making it the best selling domestic model.

Hyundai’s Australian highlights include:
Hyundai’s YTD result for November YTD of 59,168 units (7% share) represents a 41.6% volume increase over its result of 41,790 units over the same period in 2008. Hyundai’s result in November of 5,262 units (6.1% share) represents a 37.5% volume increase over its achievement of 3,828 units (5.3% share) in November 2008.

iLoad ranked second in the van segment after posting a sales result of 399 units, consolidating its second position YTD. iMax ranked third in the people mover market, achieving a 11.7% market share, consolidating its third position YTD and Tucson ranked second in the compact SUV segment, posting a sales result of 1,091 units and a 13.6% market share.

Getz ranked second in the light car segment achieving 1,304 vehicle sales and a 14.6% market share, consolidating it position as the best selling light car with 18,693 units sold November YTD.

Hyundai’s global highlights include:
Hyundai’s South Korean domestic sales rose 93.2% to 69,356 units in November from 35,902 units a year earlier.
In South Korea last month the all-new YF mid-sized sedan, which went on sale in September sold 17,464 units – making it South Korea’s best selling model.

Total overseas sales, including both exports from Korea and sales from overseas plants, rose by 22.3% to 239,517 units in November, up from 195,878 units a year earlier. Exports down -12.4% in November as compared to a year earlier, but 11.2% up from October showing a sign of slow recovery.

Sales from overseas plants rose 64.5% percent to 145,196 units.

There’s no doubt that Hyundai has some great products here in Australia and when we were thinking of replacing our old Grandeur earlier this year we considered making the move to another Hyuundai vehicle. However, like some other Hyundai owners we’ve spoken to in this town, the poor standard of service we received from the local dealer put us off.

Hyundai Sets Some Sales Records
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