Toyota’s Sticking Accelerator Problem Gets Worse

5 thoughts on “Toyota’s Sticking Accelerator Problem Gets Worse

  1. has anyone else had a problem with an apparent sticking of a toyota accelerator in australia? I believe that might have been the cause of an incident in melbourne in february, causing damage to three vehicles, whilst waiting in a traffic queue at melbourne airport. This was with a Toyota Kluger. I, and my insurance company would be most interested to hear of any similar experiences…

  2. we owned a toyota corolla 2009 and experiance the acceleration problem several times, toyota denied the problem and put the blame on car mats, we had the dep fair trading mechanical officer test this car it also happened to him.

  3. My 2008 automatic toyota corolla accelerator stuck today!! I could not stop. I rocketed up a hill even though I was standing on the brakes. My local Toyota dealership blamed the car mat. However the car mat did NOT cause this and could NOT possibly weigh down the pedal- no more than a piece of paper could! It is a small cheap flimsy carpet mat and my engine was ROARING. The brakes were ineffective. I finally managed to stop the car by forcing the automatic gearshift into a lower gear. Can anyone else suggest who to complain to? How do we get Toyota to sit up and take notice- do we have to wait until someone dies in Australia due to this? (as happened in America).

  4. Dear Vicki and Nevina

    I have had the same problem with a leased car. Please see here for my blog at the time.

    Way back then I tried so hard to find a central body that could collate all of these incidents and there just isn’t one so I resorted to reaching out via these sites. I think that there is a very dangerous problem with that model Corolla.

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