Mini Countryman Pricing

mini-countryman-2If the photo makes the Mini Countryman look a little stretched that’s because … well … it is stretched. This is the four-door mini that we first talked about here.

Now BMW MINI has announced that the Countryman will hit the showroom floors in Germany in September this year with a choice of three petrol and two diesel engines developing between 66kW and 135kW. The all-wheel drive version of the Countryman will be available in both petrol and diesel variants.

And the cost? The base petrol model will be carrying a price tag of 20,200 euros (around $A31,000) … the base diesel model will be on sale for 22,000 euros (around $A34,500) while the petrol and diesel all-wheel drive versions will start at 27,900 euros (around $A43,300)


I know it was long ago but I seem to recall that I paid something less than $2,000 for my first Mini … and it was only 2 years old.

Mini Countryman Pricing
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