Mitsubishi Lancer ACTiV

mitsubishi-lancer-activSometimes you have to wonder about Limited Editions … here’s one that gets a special badge, some extra metal, Bluetooth, stereo controls and leather steering on the steering wheel and that’s all it takes to make it special. Still, the price for the limited edition Mitsubishi Lancer ACTiV is attractive.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) will add a limited edition to the already popular Lancer range in March 2010. Based on the feature-packed ES model, the Lancer ACTiV sports an impressive list of interior and exterior additions all with a drive-away price starting from $21,990.

MMAL Vice president of brand marketing, Paul Unerkov, is delighted to welcome the Lancer ACTiV and believes it will be a hot seller at Mitsubishi dealerships across Australia.

“The Lancer ES is already an extremely well appointed and popular vehicle. The additional features available as standard increase the street presence and highlight the superior value of the ACTiV variant.”

Upgrades to the exterior of the Lancer ACTiV include 16-inch alloy wheels, privacy glass, side airdams, rear spoiler, chrome exhaust tip and the ACTiV badge. Inside, the ACTiV boasts the convenience of hands free blue tooth and features a leather steering wheel with audio and blue tooth controls.


The Lancer ACTiV boasts the efficient 2.0-litre dual overhead cam MIVEC four-cylinder engine, delivering 113kW of power @ 6000rpm and 198 Nm of torque at 4250 rpm, and is available in both manual and CVT transmissions, and in either the Sportback or sedan body styles.

With the five-star ANCAP safety rating awarded to the entire Lancer range, the Lancer ACTiV provides the utmost in safety. Active Stability Control with Traction Control (ASTC), ABS braking system with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA), (SRS) airbags, anti-intrusion pedal system, seatbelt pretensioners, and reinforced impact safety evolution (RISE) body all contributing to the ultimate protection rating.

Available in the full range of Lancer colours, the Lancer ACTiV is now available at Mitsubishi dealerships Australia-wide.

Like all Mitsubishi vehicles, the Lancer ACTiV is protected by the company’s leading and comprehensive five year/130,000 whole vehicle warranty, backed up by its 10 year/160,000 km powertrain warranty and a five year/unlimited km roadside assistance package.

*Updated to include the Bluetooth and stereo controls that we missed in the original press release.

Mitsubishi Lancer ACTiV

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  1. do your homework guys exta’s mag wheels,privacy tint,
    blue tooth,stability and traction control, seven airbags,steering wheel controls for stereo.
    these are not included in the standard es model.

  2. Thanks for your comments Rick but in our defence I would point you to this page on the Mitsubishi website –

    The list of key features shown there for the ES includes those 7 airbags … active stability control and active traction control. However, you were correct about the Bluetooth and the steering wheel controls for the stereo.

    There was also no mention of privacy glass anywhere in the press release about that vehicle.


  3. Due to my Astra floating down the street during the Melbourne floods last week (written off by insurance company) I am now shopping for a new car. So after reading Stuart’s overview of the Activ, decide to go and have a closer look………

    The better half (she’s the brains of the family) created a list of pros & cons for the ES, Activ and VR. The VR went off the list fairly quick when compared to the price of the Activ & equipment list.

    The following is the difference between the ES and the Activ:

    Chrome Exhaust Tip
    Blue Tooth (on steering wheel)
    Audio Controls (on steering wheel)
    Rear Spoiler (Sportsback & Sedan)
    Privacy Windows (Rear Only)
    16″ Alloy Wheels
    Side Air Dam
    Activ Badge
    Leather Steering Wheel Cover
    Front Interior Roof Lighting.

    As the dealer only had one Activ Sedan (manual) on the show room floor, our list and test drive was compared to a 2009 ES Auto model.

    Any way to cut a long story short after a bit of haggling with the dealer we have ordered an Activ Sportsback with the following options:

    Metallic Paint (effect grey)
    Automatic Transmission
    Tow Bar
    Floor Mats (x4 genuine Lancer)
    Seat Covers (front & rear genuine Lancer)
    Front Windows Tinted (street legal)
    Full Tank of Petrol,

    For a drive away price of $25,650.00


    1. If you are considering buying this model, get the front door windows tinted (vehicle looks funny without the tint).

    2. Stuart, not having a go at your overview, just outlining our evaluation of the ES & Activ and purchase decision.

    Cheers Fred

  4. No offence taken Fred – in fact I really appreciate you taking the time to give us that run-down of the differences between the two models.

    Most of us who do this sort of thing rely heavily on press releases from the manufacturer and just like the major newspapers there will be times when many of us simply copy and paste the press release … or add our own intro … and when that happens we rely on the manufacturer to get the information about their own vehicle right.

    While I had a rant about ‘limited editions’ … a pet peeve of mine … the rest of the information that was published there came straight from the press release.

    So, as I said, I really do appreciate you taking the time to layout the facts for us and if you feel in the mood to write a review of the car when it arrives I’d be only too happy to publish it.


  5. Being a Mitsubishi man from a long way back, coming from a tuned Mitsubishi Mirage and then reluctantly selling it for a Suzuki – that’s been less than impressive with quality and reliability… I an now in the search for a 4 door ‘ordinary car’, with good looks and ability to hold itself together for a few years…

    I just have been looking for a sedan or larger hatch with the mod cons such as decent engine and a feature packed list of bits and bobs that made a car functional rather than just a ‘look at me’ car…

    I have been to Toyota and looked at the Corolla Levin SX and that was some hatch with a heavy price tag for what it was, $28,000 + on roads and further costs that just didn’t really cone to the fact that this was a Corolla with nothing more than a new front bar and some other bits that made it look different, although the same chassis and the same engine… Same brakes and the same car although $8k more…

    I test drove the Lancer Active Sports-back this afternoon 20100324 and I am quiet honestly surprised, the fit and finish wasn’t quiet the best, some interior plastics did not fit as flush as the Corolla and the paint wasn’t as thorough as I would have liked this has been stated on a few reviews so far, and the overall finish of the vehicle would be a 7 / 10 which isn’t too bad although these little things stand out to me as I‘m very critical of ‘quality – Deming‘ having studied it at Uni, though the engine bay finish was very good on my basis! The engine layout was very logical and spacious, which is great for a home mechanic and detailer like myself.

    Upon driving this vehicle, the results from the engine ‘which is still green at 28 kms’ shows promising results from the Australian delivered Mivec engine! Couple it with some kilometres and some high quality synthetic oils this engine will excel, as it has a good torque range. I know the smaller 4G92 1.6 Litre Mivec (Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg ZR) engine makes 130kW and the 6A11 2.0 Litre V6 Mivec (FTO GPX Mivec) makes 150kw, so the 2.0 Litre Mivec in the new Lancer has been severely detuned to suit Australian fuels, although was quiet strong with a linear torque band on the highway and accelerating and merging into heavy traffic – quiet happy here maybe in the future re-tune the engine with a proper Mivec controller and off I go…

    Overall, I have made my mind and will look into selling my Suzuki and will get a Lancer Sport Back Activ, I don’t think the Corolla will even match my expectations of the lancer… Fit and finish yes, but for $8,000 more, I honestly don’t think the Lancer needs to be anything else than what it is, a cheap and cheerful car with lots of promising years of motoring which my little Mirage did for me…

    Very soon to be a new / repeat Mitsubishi owner…

    Andrew J

  6. on the lookout for a new small car. test drove the toyota corolla seca hatch .ok. but came across the mits lancer active.with all the extras looks like the way to go .

  7. Well after test driving a cruze CD, i30, madza 3 we have ordered our Lancer Active auto with mats, fuel and metallic paint (effect grey) all for $24,490! We’ve always had mitsubishi cars and never had issues with them. Current ones are now 13 and 22 yrs old. Can’t wait for delivery date!

  8. Hi Katherine

    Thanks for the comments. We’ll be testing an i30 next week so I’d be really interested to hear why you chose the Lancer over the Hyundai.


  9. Had a look around for a new small/mid sized car last month after an accident with my 10yr old lancer. Intention was to look at the focus and civic manual (no so keen on the mazda 3). However after driving civic and an auto focus (no manual’s in stock) stopped past mitsubishi.
    Test drove the manual base model. Transmission was so smooth compared anything else out there and the 2.0L 113kw has a bit of go.

    Ended up putting a deposite same day on the Lancer Active. With red metalic paint included. $21,990.

    Have been driving almost 3 weeks now. Still reckon it is the best thing on the market at that price. I don’t know why it is price below the others (focus, mazda 3, civic, suba). If you check other regions around the world this is not the case (in europe its not far behind the golf in price).

    possibly mistsubishi aust. is still reeling from the implosion of the locally sourced magna? lancer is 100% japan.

    more than happy to own the mitsu.

  10. I just got the Lancer Activ, we traded the old 2002 Lancer. This has got to be the best deal around for a med size car. Hands free Blue tooth works a treat.
    Power is great and many features on this car that you would not get at thos low drive away price.
    Very Happy

  11. I have been searching for a new car for months. I’ve been tossing and turning about the decision and now after all the anguish i’ve finally decided. The Mitsubishi Lancer ACTiv is the way to go!

    Looking at Mazda3/6, Hyundai i30, Holden Cruze, Nissan Tiida, Toyota Corolla Conquest Hatch and various others, the Lancer and it’s ACTiV pack beat them all.

    Being a Toyota fan, I was set on a Corolla Conquest Hatch, (which has everything the ACTiV does but a little more,) I came to warm to the Lancer with some nudges from people, here and there. $24,000 for the Corolla just didn’t seem to match up to the price of the Lancer, $21,990.

    Honestly, the only difference and this is really no difference at all, is the interior. For the Toyota you get a better interior, with AUX Ipod input and USB(which I liked) 6 stack cd player and a better quality finish on seats, taco display and storage. For an extra $2,010 I’m sure I could do that all myself but seriously why bother! The Lancer is what it is, a good quality med sized car, with alot of great extras and surprises.

    The Lancer and the ACTiV pack is the way to go.
    For my finishing price of $21,800, my Lancer includes Metallic Paint, Carpet Mats, Weathershields (Driver and Passenger,) Boot Liner and Full-sized spare wheel.

    These prices end this week (JUNE 6TH) so hurry!

  12. Following a recent rear-ender that sandwiched me and wrote off my 13 yo Commodore station wagon [sob, worth only $3500 but worth lots more to us as a good well-maintained and nicely running car] I looked around for three weeks; checked out some 2nd hand Foresters that looked attractive but not enough leg room for comfort when you’re over 185cm; looked at some Camries & Aurions – not many in ACT with low Km around $20K so the price up to about $23K-$24K. If I was going to pay $23K for a second hand car then why not look at a new one?

    Corollas and Mazdas were Spartan and spare in add-ons IMO for what I wanted to spend and the Activ deal on Mitsubishi was too good to pass over. Drove the sportback auto and was really impressed. Plenty of leg room, comfy seat. Visibility better than Commodore and of course it’s much smaller and therefore incredibly more manoeuvrable in comparison with the Holden. I ordered a sedan not the hatch with delivery next month – how can I contain myself? 😉

  13. Need help! My 1995 barina swing hatch is on the way out- so sad has been fantastic! Need a another car but do really want a hatch that is reliable with big rear leg room as I want to keep car for years and expect my son to grow very tall. My husband is 6 5′ he will drive it on the odd occasion, I am only 5 6′ and will be driving it all the time. Need to also fit in little daughter. Dont care greatly about ‘extras’ just want a car that is cheap to run, parts not to expensive and servicing that wont be a scary suprise in price. Do like a sturdy car not tinny that dints easy or the paint comes off? Budget is in the 20- 25 range Was thinking the i30 diesel wagon but local dealership wasnt very helpful. Test drove a auto Lancer sedan so far as that is all they had there liked it except it did have silghtly loud road noise any ideas?

  14. Iam onli 19 and have onli had two cars but have been old and singed the dotted line for the lancer actic mystic blue the other day.. onli 22490 i though that was pretty good deal considering what it comes with and the look of them is family yet also sporty.. and i think thats what alot of people love about them aswell as there amazing deal. Pick up in 2 weeks will be fantastic. when i test drove i new it was the car for me handling is great breaking everything. the gears are smooth and very close lots of room so u dnt feel like ur driving in a lil box. i recomend the lancer activ to anyone that is looking for a good cheap reliable car.

  15. Great car. test drove and new it was the car for me.. got my activ for 22490 i though that was a good deal.. recomend to anyone that is looking for a good cheap reliable car.. they last for ever.

  16. Just picked up a new Mystic Blue Sportsback. Just needs to stop raining so i can get it out without getting it dirty. Great car.

  17. Hey Guys,
    I bought Mitsu Lancer Activ, love it.
    Just letting you know there is heaps of bargains on ebay for Ralli Art extras.
    I got typre pressure caps, Chrome number plate covers, seat belt cusions,handbrake cover stainless, cigarette lighter all ralli art, and also chrome door seals Lancer ones, all for about $200 australian.
    Just adds a little flair.

  18. hello every one we looked at maz3, cruze, i30, honda civic and the lancer, we love it cruze came second as the engine was not the best and always changing gear (auto) plus the lancer seats are much better to sit in the cruze interior seems more detailed but over all the lancer is much better alround and better value for the cash
    we are verry happy with the lancer and it will suit us for the next 5 years
    full marks for a great car mitsubishi

  19. G’day jacknpam

    Thanks for your comments – they’re interesting because we often look at Lancers and remember a trip we did some years ago from Sydney to Orange and return in a near-new Lancer. It could never make up its mind as to which gear it wanted to be in.

    Driving through Sydney was ok but climbing into the Blue Mountains was painful and it stayed that way till we got back into Sydney. So it’s good to hear that they got that sorted.

    The seats in a car are something that we often take for granted but they’re obviously very important to the overall success of a vehicle. A car maker can have a great looking car but if the seats let it down then they just don’t make the sales they hope for.

    Actually a lot of research goes into the design of car seats but that doesn’t always mean the designers get it right.


  20. hi have had activ for 3 months previously had es lancer has a bit of tone on it arm rests when driving could have been higher apart from that would reccomend the car to anyone

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