Another Record Month for New Car Sales in Australia

New car sales in Australia continue to rise as the economy improves and March 2010 has delivered the best March sales figures ever. The previous record was held by March 2007 but last month the sales figures were up by 352 units.

94,744 passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles were sold in March and that’s an increase of 19,094 vehicles on the same time last year

However not everyone is smiling for Hyundai has slipped back from the third place it achieved in February and Ford has returned to the top three.

Toyota certainly is smiling because it still leads the field with a massive 21.4% of new vehicle sales despite the bad press it continues to receive around the world. Holden remains in second place with Ford slotting in at number 3.

Once again SUV sales led the charge in March with sales up 44.1% followed by passenger cars – up 23.5%, heavy commercials up by 20.2% and light commercials up by 12%.

Another Record Month for New Car Sales in Australia
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