Hyundai i30 Diesel in Targa Tasmania?

i30cw-rally-carA 1.6-litre turbo-charged four-cylinder diesel in the Targa Tasmania? You better believe it because Hyundai has entered it in the form of a i30 CRDI and it will be hitting the start line on Tuesday. It’s Hyundai’s first factory-backed entrant in the Targa Tasmania Rally.

When people think of Targa Tasmania they tend to think of exotic machinery and lots of horsepower so many might think that something as small as a Hyundai i30 is going to be like a duck out of water but there is a production class and that’s where the i30 is going to excel.

Ian Juster, Hyundai’s Regional General Manager said “The i30 has already proven itself with class victories in Targa West over the past two years and with a raft of awards under its belt, Targa Tasmania is just another way i30 can continue to demonstrate its credibility and reliability.”

The i30 CRDi turbo diesel will run as production standard, with the exception of upgraded brake pads and safety requirements to meet competition regulations, with Genuine Hyundai Accessories including alloy wheels and a rear spoiler fitted to the vehicle.

Race support and technicians will be provided by Motors Hyundai, the Tasmanian Hyundai Dealership Group. “Targa Tasmania is a great way for our professional team of Hyundai technicians to get behind the brand and to gain valuable experience in a competitive environment,” said Dale Fraser from Motors Hyundai. “The team are keen to get involved in front of their home crowd.”

Hyundai i30 Diesel in Targa Tasmania?
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