2011 Hyundai Grandeur

hyundai-grandeurThe 2011 Hyundai Grandeur is out in the showrooms and you’re going to find that it’s a little longer, looks a little different and has some interior updates too.

On the outside the new Grandeur sports a new radiator grill, black bezel headlights and a black-mesh air dam between new front fog lamps.

The rear-view mirrors now include an LED turning indicator and puddle lamps that turn on when the vehicle is unlocked via the remote. and the 20011 Grandeur now rides on new seven-spoke alloy wheels.

At the rear there’s a new rear-combination lamp and the twin exhausts are now part of the rear bumper.

The 2011 Grandeur now rides on new seven-spoke alloy wheels and the overall length of the new Grandeur has been increased by 15mm.


On the inside the centre console has been revised.

Despite the enhancements pricing for the 2011 Grandeur remains the same. The Manufacturer’s List Price (including GST) for the 3.8-litre V6 petrol is $39,990 while the Manufacturer’s List Price for the 2.2-litre CRDi turbo-diesel is $41,990



2011 Hyundai Grandeur

5 thoughts on “2011 Hyundai Grandeur

  1. This is one great car – I own a 2007 Grandeur Limited so can speak with some authority. The problem with slow sales isn’t the car,it’s Hyundai’s peculiar tactic of making this car the ‘invisible’ Hyundai. Rarely advertised, rarely seen in a Hyundai showroom, most people don’t even know of its existence. Get real,Hyundai and actively flog this car. If similar sized Aurions, Falcons and Commodores can sell pretty well,why not the Grandeur?
    I’ve done over 60 000kms in mine and it continues to be a great car – more features than most comparably priced cars, a fantastic V6 motor and a great warranty. This car screams out for proper recognition. Do it, Hyundai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Funny you should say that Daryl because, until recently, I hadn’t seen a Hyundai Grandeur since the 2006 Brisbane Motor Show.

    I thought Hyundai must have dropped them from their lineup until I saw a new CRDi driving on the road here in Hervey Bay a couple of months ago.

    Despite having problems with our 2000 Grandeur as it got older I’m like you … I think the Grandeur is a great car and there are still a lot of those early model Grandeurs on the road today.

    However perhaps there is a possibility that this might be the last Grandeur. At the recent launch of the i45 several far more experienced motoring journos than me were suggesting that the top-of-the-range i45 might replace the Grandeur.

    I put that to one of Hyundai’s media reps at the release and he laughed it off but … as you suggested Daryl … the Grandeur is so overlooked by Hyundai here in Australia that the rep I spoke to didn’t even mention that a new Grandeur was about to be released even though it was going to happen about 10 days after the i45 release.


  3. I to own 2 grandeurs a 2000model xg and a 2007 limited and yes the biggest problem with the car is hyundia australia dont no how to promote a bloody good car to date i have had NO problems with my limited and as for the xg which is 10 years old and still running like new with no problems that shows you the quality of hyundias

  4. I own a 2000 grandeur and have had it for the last 7 years with little problems until lately that is when the crank angle sensor had to be replaced apart from that I am sure it will keep going for another ten years the quality build shows it will outlast other popular makers and as for the new 2011 model I wish I could afford one it looks terrific.

  5. I also cannot understand why the company does not promote the Grandeur. I own a December 2009 model and i cannot fault it. It shines over all the many luxury Aussie and Euro cars i have owned over a 40 year period. People regularly stop me in the street to ask about the car so that must prove it looks good. I see heads turning all the time when i drive as well. This car is streets ahead of any Australian top end car and beats the $100k BMW and other clones. Go out and buy one people as you will not be disappointed. I promise.

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